On March 22, 1892, a citizens meeting was held at the Jasper County Courthouse, Monticello, Georgia, to issue stock at $100.00 per share to establish Bank of Monticello. The Jackson Banking Company was custodian for the funds. Operations began in a storeroom rented from M. S. and L. O. Benton. A lot was offered by James Lewis, and in 1893, the stockholders met in the new bank building (now Tyler's Barber Shop) to elect officers and adopt bylaws. Lights were left on the vault at night to be visible by the Marshall or night watchman. Overdrafts
were deducted from the cashier's salary unless approved by the board. The only bank in the county, Bank of Monticello became a state depository in 1894.

In 1892, J. H. Kelly was elected vice president and director. His great-grandson, Don B. Kelly, is the current chairman of the board. M. S. Benton served as the first cashier and was elected director in 1896. His grandson, L. W. Benton, currently serves on the board, along with his great-grandson, L.W. Benton, Jr. Taney O. Benton, son of M. S. Benton, was elected assistant cashier and director in 1907.

In 1897, a group which wanted to organize another bank in Monticello was asked to join Bank of Monticello and
increase the stock. However, in 1909, First National Bank of Monticello was established with $50,000.00 capital. Bank of Monticello liquidated and sold its property, building, furniture and fixtures to First National Bank of Monticello for $3,435.50.

J. H. Kelly, M. S. Benton and Taney O. Benton were among the directors elected to the First National Bank board. In additional, E. Clyde Kelly, son of J. H. Kelly, and Dan Gunn, grandfather of current board member W. Dan Roberts, also served as directors. Officers elected included L. O. Benton, president; J. H. Kelly, chairman; E. Clyde Kelly, cashier; and Taney O. Benton, assistant cashier.

In 1910, the bank purchased the "stone" building at the
southeast corner of the square for $5,750.00 from L. O. Benton and Brother and sold the old bank facility to Dan Gunn for $500.00. J. N. Walker was elected to the board in 1945. His grandson, Steve W. Jordan, now serves as the current president of the bank

In 1963, First National Bank of Monticello purchased the Hutchinson lot on Green Street and constructed a new banking facility. The exterior of the building was modeled after Thomas Jefferson's Monticello home.

On February 10, 1964, the bank converted from a national bank to a state bank and changed its name to Bank of Monticello. In 1996, Monticello BancShares was organized as a holding company for the bank and stock was reissued.

In 1996, the Warren Building and the service station lot facing Washington Street were purchased for a new drive-in facility. In addition, the building on Green Street was renovated.

Bank of Monticello continues to grow with dedicated employees and management. It is a locally owned and operated hometown bank. Our loyal customers deserve the excellent service, up-to-date technology and convenience that we strive to provide. We support community events and
projects which help to develop our community socially, economically and culturally.